Movie Night

Do you like popcorn, movies, and the outdoors?  Would you rather be outside in the warm summer air than in an air conditioned theater or sitting on your couch? Well perfect, Vancouver offers free movies outside at various parks all summer long (, Nothing beats watching a movie in your own public backyard for free if you’re trying to enjoy summer on a low-cost activity budget. Depending on the movie, it can be a fun kid-friendly activity for a family, a group of friends looking for something to do, or a romantic date night for couples. Grab some take-out (a tasty burger and fries to add to the drive-in movie theatre effect) or pack up a yummy home-made dinner, grab a blanket, bring a sweater, and don’t forget the popcorn! There’s something nostalgic and old school about an outdoor movie. An outdoor movie brings back a sense of simplicity for activities to do in the summer. It’s easy and free and it is a great social event to meet people or for bringing family and friends to just enjoy nature and the outdoors.