Simply in the Sun

Another weekend of summer has passed and another week closer to the fall that slowly approaches, but none the less, another low-cost day of fun can be achieved. Nothing can be more relaxing and easy to do than a park day in the sunshine for a weekend activity. Find a local park that is close for family and friends to wonder too. Bring the dog, bring the barbeque, bring the picnic basket, bring the food, bring the bocce balls and bring yourself. It is very likely that any park you choose will be busy as the afternoon approaches. Be sure to get there early enough to grab a good spot. A busy park also allows for mingling and making new friends and getting to know the neighbours around you if you’re new to the area. Set up camp, kick back with possibly a few adult beverages, engage in conversations, have endless laughs, BBQ up some hotdogs and burgers and the day is sure to be a whole-rounded day that everyone will enjoy. With expenses minimal, (food, adult beverages, maybe some sunscreen) you can have a fantastic low-key day outside in the beautiful Vancouver weather.