Fun Festivals/Events

Nothing screams budget friendly more than the word ‘free’. All around Vancouver and the Lower Mainland this summer, there are events and festivals going on that are free for anyone to come and experience. Who wouldn’t want to step out of there comfort zone and try something completely new and different. Free events and festivals gives everyone an opportunity to see what’s going on in their own community (, Explore your own city with friends, family, co-workers, or just by yourself. Events and festivals showcase different things from around the world that you might not have seen before or heard of before. For this low-cost budget friendly activity all you would need is your car, or perhaps just your bike if you’re close by, and your two feet to help you walk around and have fun. If you’re up for the challenge of walking through crowds, getting bumped into, trying new foods, seeing something new, meeting someone new, getting to know a new culture, then take advantage of what your community and city have to offer and go to as many free festivals and events as you can this summer!


Water Fun

If you like the water and enjoy being in or close to the ocean, then kayaking and paddle boarding give you that chance. Vancouver has great sightseeing you can do from water level and if you’re lucky, you may even get a marine mammal pop up close by you. Kayaking and paddle boarding are a lot of fun and you don’t even realize you’re exercising while you’re doing it. Vancouver has a few great locations to rent equipment from at good prices and if you check the websites, some places offer two for one deals on certain days which make this activity a great choice for any budget (,,, Kayaking and paddle boarding can be fun to do with friends, family or even by yourself if you are experienced and enjoy the peace and quiet. You can make your way to areas you’ve never seen in Vancouver and see things from a different view. A lot of rental places also offer you to take your kayaks for a couple days so you can make a trip out of it and bring your camping gear along for the ride. Pull up on a secluded beach, set up camp for a night, and enjoy the great outdoors.