Inexpensive Summer Sports Fun

Not everyone likes to sit and enjoy the beach, or hang around at a park for something to do this summer. For all those athletic people or people who just want to do something active, go out and try/play mini golf or try hiking the grouse grind. There are a few great little mini golf spots out there that will amp up a day and bring you fun whether you’re a family or a group of friends (,,, Mini golf involves some skill and can bring out the competitive side in some people, but mostly it’s about having a good time.

Hiking trails are all around Vancouver, especially the North Shore. The Grouse Grind is just one of those trails and an activity that is budget friendly for any thrifty person. The hike will take a lot of endurance, but when you get to the top and see what you’ve accomplished, the pain and sweat you’ve put into the hike will be forever forgotten. Vancouver has some of the most beautiful scenery in the whole world, and at the end of the hike you will see some of it (,