Summer Fun

Ahhh, the summer is finally here. The warm breeze, the long nights, the sunshine and the endless activities on a budget are upon us. Summer is always a reminder of just how great of a province and city we live in and If you’re like me and looking for new things to do on a slim budget in Vancouver, we are fortunate enough to have reasonable prices for an immeasurable amount of fun and memories. Depending on what you favor and like to do for hobbies, Vancouver will be sure to give you something to do. Just this weekend I adventured out on my bike for a ride around the down-town Vancouver core (healthy and environment friendly; added bonuses). Starting at Third Beach, then pit-stopping for tacos at Taco Shack in Kitsilano (yummy tacos for cheap!) and then ending the night for a nightcap drink at Tap and Barrel ( in the Olympic Village. For an evening that was filled with continuous activity, sightseeing, and great food, it was easy on the wallet too. It was a nice low-costing night, no more than 50$ dollars. Not bad for a summer night of fun in Vancouver!