Movie Night

Do you like popcorn, movies, and the outdoors?  Would you rather be outside in the warm summer air than in an air conditioned theater or sitting on your couch? Well perfect, Vancouver offers free movies outside at various parks all summer long (, Nothing beats watching a movie in your own public backyard for free if you’re trying to enjoy summer on a low-cost activity budget. Depending on the movie, it can be a fun kid-friendly activity for a family, a group of friends looking for something to do, or a romantic date night for couples. Grab some take-out (a tasty burger and fries to add to the drive-in movie theatre effect) or pack up a yummy home-made dinner, grab a blanket, bring a sweater, and don’t forget the popcorn! There’s something nostalgic and old school about an outdoor movie. An outdoor movie brings back a sense of simplicity for activities to do in the summer. It’s easy and free and it is a great social event to meet people or for bringing family and friends to just enjoy nature and the outdoors.


Simply in the Sun

Another weekend of summer has passed and another week closer to the fall that slowly approaches, but none the less, another low-cost day of fun can be achieved. Nothing can be more relaxing and easy to do than a park day in the sunshine for a weekend activity. Find a local park that is close for family and friends to wonder too. Bring the dog, bring the barbeque, bring the picnic basket, bring the food, bring the bocce balls and bring yourself. It is very likely that any park you choose will be busy as the afternoon approaches. Be sure to get there early enough to grab a good spot. A busy park also allows for mingling and making new friends and getting to know the neighbours around you if you’re new to the area. Set up camp, kick back with possibly a few adult beverages, engage in conversations, have endless laughs, BBQ up some hotdogs and burgers and the day is sure to be a whole-rounded day that everyone will enjoy. With expenses minimal, (food, adult beverages, maybe some sunscreen) you can have a fantastic low-key day outside in the beautiful Vancouver weather.

Summer Fun

Ahhh, the summer is finally here. The warm breeze, the long nights, the sunshine and the endless activities on a budget are upon us. Summer is always a reminder of just how great of a province and city we live in and If you’re like me and looking for new things to do on a slim budget in Vancouver, we are fortunate enough to have reasonable prices for an immeasurable amount of fun and memories. Depending on what you favor and like to do for hobbies, Vancouver will be sure to give you something to do. Just this weekend I adventured out on my bike for a ride around the down-town Vancouver core (healthy and environment friendly; added bonuses). Starting at Third Beach, then pit-stopping for tacos at Taco Shack in Kitsilano (yummy tacos for cheap!) and then ending the night for a nightcap drink at Tap and Barrel ( in the Olympic Village. For an evening that was filled with continuous activity, sightseeing, and great food, it was easy on the wallet too. It was a nice low-costing night, no more than 50$ dollars. Not bad for a summer night of fun in Vancouver!